Cellulite Removal




Cellulite is thought to be a chronlc-degeneratlve dysfunction of the connective tissues end forms within the derma.  T-Shock cellulite treatments are multidimensional and can produce a low-level fat reduction, reduce edema, increase circulation, and improve the blood and fluid flow to the area. The T-Shock procedures stimulates the connective and fatty tissue to soften them and make them less fibrous. The thermal shock action delivered shocks the cells to stimulate natural fat release and firm skin to give it back Its tonality and dimple-free aspect.

The T-Shock delivers a non-invasive, all-natural approach to body contouring. Warm and cold are modulated at varying times & and temperatures to the desired effect. So, if you are looking to remove unwanted fat or cellulite, reinvigorate loose, aging skin or turn, back the clock on your face, neck areas, the T-Shock can deliver. It comes with an array of pre-programmed protocols so all you do is sit back and let one doctors or technicians do the work. It’ safe, painless, and invigorating.



For Cellulite Removal treatments to be successful it is essential that the client take steps to facilitate lymphatic drainage following each session.

Several methods to fulfill this requirement:

  • Hydrate – drink at least 32oz. of water following and fat reduction treatment.
  • A vigorous 30 minute aerobic workout within 4 to 6 hours after the treatment (the same day as the treatment)
  • 30 minutes of compression such as a Metrum BOA compression suite for lymphatic drainage on the body.
  • 10 minutes on a vibration plate using the lymphatic drainage setting.
  • Red light therapy or dry heat sauna (use as directed for treatment).
  • A lymphatic massage.
  • Dry brushing.
  • T-Shock drainage 

Dietary changes and modifications 

  • Carb / sugar limitations.
  • Weight Reduction diet.
  • Burn more calories than intake each day.

Note: It is important for optimal results the client to be an active participant. If the BMI is above 24.9, they should be following a weight reduction diet and on a regular exercise program. If they are consuming more calories than being burned in a day, it is possible to gain weight during treatments. If the client has a BMI of below 24.9 and does not need to lose weight they should be on a maintenance diet during treatments with a regular exercise program to support lymphatic drainage.

Special Note: You may experience some slight swelling, pins and needles, sensitivity to touch in the area treated, or different sensations in the treated area for several hours following treatments.  These are common side effects which should subside within 24-48 hours.  Slight itchiness of the area, as well as possible increased urination for 24-48 hours are not uncommon, as your body reacts to the treatment.

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