Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Your body depends on many mechanisms and structures to coordinate the transmission of vibrations and forceful impacts throughout your body.  These mechanisms and structures- include synovial fluids, bone cartilage, joint kinematics, muscular activity and soft tissues

The use of Whole-Body Vibration can accelerate pain relief and recovery from a wide range of neuromuscular disorders.

Vibration therapy is proving to be especially helpful if you suffer from chronic lower back pain a common complaint heard by chiropractors.  Lower back pain is one of many conditions that may respond to vibration.

Vibration therapy complements other wellness and recovery techniques by gently forcing your muscles to contract and relax repeatedly.  Your muscles and bones initiate a corresponding response to electrical simulation by stimulating muscle fibers, muscle cells and nerves and increasing blood oxygenation through vasodilation.  In addition, vibration therapy is also capable of improving the health of deeper stabilizing and postural muscles-such as pelvic floor muscles, spinal rector muscles and transverse abdominal muscles-that are difficult for practitioners to reach.


Can help

Facilitate pain.

With joint pain.

Re-structure the spine.

Range of motion.

Increase mobility.

Lymphatic circulation.


Back pain.


Spinal stability.

Post adjustments.

Spinal stenosis.

Increase bone density.

More energy

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Vibeplate used in full body vibration therapy



It is an exercise therapy that uses whole body vibrations to stimulate muscle fibers at a rate that is faster than yo can do alone.  This helps to expedite your rehabilitation process by allowing new tissue to build and grow.


Talk to your doctor before trying vibration therapy. They may advise you to avoid it if you:

are taking blood thinning medications

have advanced diabetes

have heart disease

are pregnant

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Copyright by Cryo Wellness Spa. All rights reserved.

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